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Stefan Beckhusen 
Nature Videography in HD and 4k UHD

    • Sony FDR AX100E 
    • Sony XR550VE 
    • Canon EOS 550D
    • GoPro Hero3+
A short Bio: 
i create footage since 2002. Although it's not my main profession it seems to be my main hobby since a long time. I can't get enough too catch the moment. 
In the year 2002 i started taking video underwater with my Sony DCR PC110E and a big special build underwater housing. With around 150 dives i got several amazing shots. Unfortunately with the beginning of the HD video age my whole system became worthless and for a while i took video only for my personal use. My first HD camcorder was a catastrophe and didn't allow me any more or less quicker move while filming. A while later when i buyed my first DSLR Canon 550D i found again the obsession to shoot what i can and became a landlubber. To enhance my possibilities at next i buyed the Sony XR550VE HD hard drive camcorder which allowed me to shoot up to 24 hours nonstopp till the SD card is filled. Since May 2014 i shoot 4k UHD video with the Sony AX100 camcorder. 4k means 4x HD! Also the clips which are converted from 4k down to HD offer so much more quality and details, as taken with a HD camcorder. It's amazing!
In this way when buying HD footage you do much better if the requested clip is original taken in 4k UHD, because there's absolutely no loss by any necessary image stabilisation before. 
My 4k videos are shooted by the original camera codec in mp4 in best quality. To convert mp4 to mov pjpeg or h264 would be only digital lipstick for your eyes, but for your pleasure i offer the 4k to HD converted files in mov container and best quality. So don't wonder if the HD mov file takes more space than the same 4k mp4 file. The quality is the same.
Save our beautiful planet! ❤ Earthviews.de collections published by St. Beckhusen (c) 2014
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