Featured stock video footage clips about destinations in the low mountain range Harz in Germany - Mountain range Harz stock video footage archive

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Featured stock video footage clips about destinations in the low mountain range Harz in Germany

"Bad Harzburg", the "Wurmberg" and surrounding area.
"Bad Harzburg" is a small town and entry point to the "Harz". The "Wurmberg" (971 metres (3,186 ft)) is the highest peak located entirely within Lower Saxony and is one of the finest points for watching and shooting the sunset. After this it's not a long way downhill to "Bad Harzburg". For hiking to "Rabenklippe" or several other destinations it's also a nice starting point. You reach the "Wurmberg" from "Bad Harzburg" by feet, or you go there and enjoy by cable car.

Video-Link: Wurmberg Sunset 
The "Brocken".
The legendary "Brocken" is the highest summit in the "Harz" with a height of 1,141.1 metres (3,744 ft) above sea level. In any way this highest point of the "Harz" isn't a major attraction, it's flat and the free view to all directions isn't the greatest hit (so long i havn't seen the sunrise or sunset from here), but the station for the old steam locomotives invites for some great shots. By my last visit i was also surprised by a fox which was walking at the rails and waiting for some food from the travellers. Last not least the tour to the "Brocken" is the experience.

Video-Link: Brocken peak tilt view (editorial use only) 
The "Rabenklippe" and surrounded area.
The "Rabenklippe" can be reached by hiking direct from Bad Harzburg at the starting point "Märchenwald". There's a long way via the location "Molkehaus" or you can go the shorter direct way if you take care and notice of the route signs. In the summer season there's also a bus driving.
Another possibility is to take the cable car to the "Wurmberg" and start hiking from there. On this path you don't have to go upwards so much (if you don't like the sportive way) and you'll find some extra beautifull viewpoints.
Arriving at the "Rabenklippe" at first you'll see a Lynx preserve. If you have much luck you can see also a wild and free living Lynx on your way, but these are very shy and avoid human contact in the wild. At the final destination you'll find a top overview about the Harz and the "Brocken". A very good restaurant location invites you to eat and drink at all seasons.

Video-Link: Clouds timelapse with Brocken view at destination Rabenklippe 
Bad Sachsa, "Harzfalkenhof" falconry.
A small but nice location in the hills above "Bad Sachsa" with several birds of prey and daily flight shows.

Video-Link: Golden Eagle close up looking to camera 
"Feuersteinklippen" near "Schierke" station.
A big rocks monument which tells it's own. Direct when starting hiking to the "Brocken" and crossing the rails it's only some meters beyond the pathway. The rocks as itself are well for a one time shot, but the nature around this area is phenomenal.

Video-Link: Feuersteinklippen 
"Schierke" station, travel with an old narrow gauge steam locomotive,
or start your hiking trip to the "Brocken" from here and explore a really wild and rough rocky landscape.
For watching the old ancient steam locomotives "Schierke" station and the pathway through the forest is a perfect location, because a whole while you're hiking near the rail middle in the forest.

Video-Link: Old Steam Locomotive starting in mountain forest station 
"Radau" waterfall and surrounding area.
Direct at the main road not far away from "Bad Harzburg". Stop here and start hiking or take a short rest while crossing the "Harz" by car. Also at this place i filmed free running chicken in a very nice natural ambiente. Bio as it's best!  

Video-Link: Radau Wasserfall 
The "Okertalsperre" with "Okerstausee",
a major water reservoire and dam for the region. Boat tours are also possible on the "Okerstausee". While the "Okertalsperre" is a really imposive building, for hiking you'll find near by better places. On my tours i regulary stop this place, but mostly it's too late and the sun is down and hidden behind the hills. For videography it's not so interesting there to start an early tour.

Video-Link: Oktertalsperre 
"Oderteich" and surrounding area.
My newest exploration. Although i visited this place several times before, i never took the time for hiking quite around before. Done this now while my latest trip i was really maximum impressed about the surrounding wild and moory landscape. On my trip for catching some nice autumn impressions i got so much impressions that i prefered to shoot handheld instead of using my tripod and waste time. So of course i'll have to make this tour again, not only to repeat those shots which are too shaky, but also to get such impressions at different seasons. While i havn't processed till now all shootings from this location, it will become more from time to time.

Video-Link: Oderteich area 
The "Liebesinsel",  in english "Island of love".
I don't know the exact meaning of this place where you find a small sign with it's name nailed at a tree. My expectation is that marriage willing people or lovers from the surrounded villages use(d) it as a lonesome meeting point. You'll reach it direct from the road and car stop some meters above, or you stop at the location "Königreich Romkerhall" and go hiking on the opposite side of the river. The small place called "Liebesinsel" isn't far away and by hiking you'll get really nice nature impressions. The river is also used for wild water rafting.

Video-Link: Die Liebesinsel 
This is a place i'll have to visit again for shooting video. In case of the impressing mountain area it's a magnetic point and destination for tourism. At no other place in the "Harz" i meet so much tourists everywhere walking around. Unfortunately not well for taking videos of the nature and area, so i've to try it again at another time.

Video-Link: Cable Car to Thale 

 The main attraction of the small city Wernigerode is a medieval castle with an amazing sightseeing overview about the region Harz.

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